Writing & Publishing

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Publications I have commissioned, edited and published:

  • Magna Carta 800 : 6 books, each book containing several texts from across the centuries that have been inspired by the Magna Carta: from the English Civil War era, to the French and American Bills of Rights in the late 1700s, the Chartists of the 1830s though to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Charter88 and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union of 2000. The final book in series contains Henry I’s Charter of Liberties (1100) on which the Magna Carta itself is based, the original 1215 Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forests of 1217. ed, G Lane, Proboscis 2015
  • the Periodical : an experiment in participatory publishing – each month a publication created and shared on bookleteer.com is selected, printed and posted put to subscribers, Proboscis 2012-2015
  • Professor Starling’s Expedition (City As Material 2) : 3 Diffusion eBooks collaboratively created by DodoLab (Andrew Hunter & Lisa Hirmer) with Leila Armstrong, Josie Mills, Hazem Tagiuri & Giles Lane, Proboscis 2012
  • Material Conditions : 8 Diffusion eBooks by Active Ingredient, London Fieldworks, Desperate Optimists, Jane Prophet, Sarah Butler, Karla Schuh Brunet, Ruth Maclennan and Janet Owen Driggs & Jules Rochielle, Proboscis 2011
  • City As Material 1 : London, 10 collaboratively created eBooks with contributions from Tim Wright, Ben Eastop, Simon Pope & Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Proboscis 2010
  • Transformations : 12 Diffusion eBook & StoryCube Works by Adam Greenfield & Nurri Kim, John Hartley, Warren Craghead, Rita J King, William Davies, Julie Myers, Linda Carroli, Babette Wagenvoort, Alejandra Canales Anne Ransquin & Juan F. Salazar, Raqs Media Collective, William Firebrace and Kenneth Goldsmith, Proboscis 2008-2011
  • Species of Spaces : 16 Diffusion eBooks by Caroline Bassett, Raoul Bunschoten, Nina Czegledy, Scott deLahunta, William Firebrace, Dr John Foot, Melanie Jackson Patrick Keiller, Brandon LaBelle, Deborah Levy, Simon Pope, Anne Sobotta, Minna Tarkka, Heath Bunting, Anne Galloway and Lisa LeFeuvre, Proboscis 2002-2006
  • Mapping Perception by Andrew Kötting, Giles Lane, Janna Levin & Mark Lythgoe, Proboscis 2002
  • Interactive :  The internet for graphic designers by Paul Farrington, Rotovision 2002
  • Biotica: Art, Emergence & Artficial Life by Richard Brown with Igor Aleksander, RCA CRD RESEARCH 2001
  • The Presence Project by Anthony Dunne & William Gaver, RCA CRD RESEARCH 2001
  • Performance Notations : 10 Diffusion eBooks by Johnny Golding, Kevin Henderson, Anne Tallentire, Monica Ross, Rob Gawthrop, Declan Sheehan, Katherine Meynell, Marina Grzinic, Marcelyn Gow, Vit Hopley & Yve Lomax and Aaron Williamson , Proboscis 2000
  • Project #26765 – FLIRT: Flexible Information & Recreation for Mobile Users, Fiona Raby & Ben Hooker, RCA CRD RESEARCH 2000
  • Hertzian Tales: Electronic Products, Aesthetic Experience and Critical Design by Anthony Dunne, RCA CRD RESEARCH 1999
  • Technological Landscapes by Dr Richard Rogers, RCA CRD RESEARCH, 1999
  • Ghost Stories: stray thoughts on photography and film by Pavel Büchler Proboscis 1999
  • COIL journal of the moving image : 10 issue part work with over 130 original contributors, Proboscis 1995-2000

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