I offer flexible consulting in Participatory DesignStrategy & Insight; Problem Solving & innovation; Engagement & Facilitation. From designing workshops and engagement processes to strategic planning and facilitating collaborations, I can help guide the unpredictable and often emergent outcomes of innovation work.
Call me to discuss : +44 (0)7711 069 569, or use the form below.

Participatory Design

  • helping teams develop an awareness of the issues for user-centred & participatory design
  • devising whole-process frameworks to incorporate user-centred & participatory design
  • facilitating iterative processes that reinforce participatory design practices

Strategy & Insight

  • developing a holistic perception of a situation or problem
  • analysing the various factors acting upon it and their consequences
  • devising strategies for short, medium or longer term outcomes.

Problem Solving & Innovation

  • tactical problem-solving – devising innovative solutions by adopting and adapting resources that are already available.
  • reimagining existing tools and technologies for new inventive uses
  • looking “beyond the horizon” – anticipating things that rational thought and logic alone won’t create.

Engagement & Facilitation

  • using tools and techniques that enable deep social engagement and facilitate creativity
  • devising and facilitating creative workshops and events
  • facilitating collaborative practices for trans-disciplinary teams

Project Management
I have 20 years+ experience of managing a small business: from financial management, fundraising, negotiating contracts and liaising with clients to creative leadership, project planning, team building and day-to-day project management.

I also provide project mentoring and one-to-one consultations.

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