My Process & What I Offer

Reite TEK notebook fieldwork 2015. Photos by James Leach

Giles & Porer Nombo, Reite, Papua New Guinea 2015.
Photo: James Leach

I am an artist and designer – storymaker.
My work addresses how people create and share knowledge, stories and experiences; making the ephemeral and invisible tangible; giving shape and form to abstract knowledge and unfathomable experiences. I aim to stimulate new kinds of perception of the world we live in and our relationships to it and to each other.

As a consultant I offer creative solutions for my clients by customising and adapting the processes and tools I have developed working in the creative industries for over twenty-five years.
My processes are particularly suited to analysing contexts, developing strategy, inspiring innovation and facilitating collaboration.

My methods are people centred and based around collaboration, co-creation and co-design. I work collaboratively and inclusively – by listening to participants – using my tools and techniques to help teams and individuals analyse and understand the issues and co-discover the actual problem. We then collaboratively devise and deploy strategies owned by the participants for developing solutions, managing projects and delivering outcomes. Participants tap into their own innate creative abilities to imagine beyond the horizon; accessing inner resources and ideas that logic and rational thinking won’t reach on their own. In this way we achieve uncommon insights.

My tools and techniques enhance confidence and capacity to tackle issues and problems directly, encouraging people to use their own vision and initiative to embrace change and face new challenges. They can be applied both for strategic planning and for tactical troubleshooting.

My work has achieved positive results and enabled change for grassroots communities, academia, industry, civil society and government (see previous client list). From developing innovative communications tools to introducing new ways of working to documenting experiences that inspire policy change, my projects enable participation and transformation (read some testimonials).


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